10 Ways to Make your Home Look Pinterest Worthy

10 Ways to Make your Home Look Pinterest Worthy

As a kid, I was fascinated with small spaces whether it was building my own temporary home with sticks and rags or organising a small space under a big table or even cozying up a small corner in the house. I’ve always loved my own little space. Being a kind of a person who is deeply affected by my surroundings, it is extremely necessary for me to dwell in a space that is aesthetically appealing and calming. More so, because I happen to be a design addict. I often find myself scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration whenever I feel uninspired or sometimes even when I need to uplift my mood. Combined with my diploma in Interior Designing and all the years of home styling, I have summed up 10 Ways to Make your Home Look Pinterest Worthy. So, here it is – 10 Ways to Make your Home Look Pinterest Worthy:

1. Follow A Theme (unless of course you are confident enough to break rules)

While scrolling on Instagram, I often come across very popular Indian home decor accounts that appear like a complete mess to me ( sorry to say that). Collectibles of all colours, shapes and styles paired with mis matched furniture and multicoloured upholstery can create havoc in a space and not give it enough breathing space. For a calming effect, it is important to style your space wisely. The easiest and the most important way to do that is to stick to a theme. In isolation, most items look beautiful, but when put together it could stand out like a sore thumb. Develop an eye for detail and you will quickly pick up the items that would compliment your whole set up.

10 Ways to Make your Home Look Pinterest Worthy
Boho Themed Bedroom

Bonus tip – Make boards on Pinterest and start pinning homes designed in different themes – boho, Scandinavian, shabby chic, mid century, vintage, farm house etc… You get the idea.

2. Dress Up your Walls

There are multiple ways to dress up your walls. Since the last few years, I have only leaned towards freshly painted white walls because I want to go for a minimal look and add slight pops of colour here and there. There are multiple ways to decorate your accent wall: wall papers, painting walls in ombre style, putting up frames or wall plates, drawing murals … the list is endless.

10 Ways to Make your Home Look Pinterest Worthy
Wall Frames

3. Layer your Floor

The first step to designing any space is to measure the floor. Everything you decide to put into the space will depend on the amount of floor space. If you have a smaller space, go for light coloured flooring and then add rugs and carpet to make it feel warm and cosy. If I could afford, I’d always prefer wood in the bedroom and living room because it has soft landing. But for now, I use carpets and rugs.

10 Ways to Make your Home Look Pinterest Worthy
Carpet from Ikea

4. Choose Furniture wisely

This is something I see most people go wrong with, especially with regards to point one. The setting is most often this – big luxurious apartment with a huge balcony view (something very rarely seen in Mumbai) and multicoloured accessories and multiple patterned upholstery. With the price of wood sky rocketing, I personally prefer to choose other materials when it comes to furniture. Wood is an excellent option for vintage furniture because it lasts very long and is very sturdy. (Read my post 5 Awesome and Low Budget Ways to Buying Vintage Furniture and Household Items in Mumbai ). Although, I live a minimal lifestyle I purchase my interior products mostly from Ikea. Mostly, because they are priced reasonably and they have sustainable and recyclable materials.

10 Ways to Make your Home Look Pinterest Worthy
Yellow Mustard Sofa from Urban Ladder

Quick tip: Try to choose a colour that compliments your overall look. This mustard yellow sofa is the only pop of upholstery I have in my living room and it compliments the slight pops of green .

5.Choose Furnishings according to needs

It is furnishings that makes a house a home because furnishings make a space look inviting, cosy and comfortable. Choose colours and a wide variety of fabric depending on climate, season and occasions so that it echoes your personality when a guest visits your humble abode.

10 Ways to Make your Home Look Pinterest Worthy
Bamboo Blinds, cotton curtains and patterned bedding

6. Showcase your collectibles

I love collecting accessories and displaying them because for me all the small details make the big difference. Keeping in mind the colours and the overall look of your home, showcase your accessories so you can narrate a small story about the dwellers of the home.

10 Ways to Make your Home Look Pinterest Worthy
Crosley Bluetooth Music Player

Quick Tip: Photographs, candles, personal hand me down items from family etc are a great way of communicating to the guests about your own personal story.

7. Add life with Plants

Most of us reside in cities with very little greenery around. The best possible way to add life to your space is to use plants both as accessories as well as air purifiers. Use a variety of pots and planters to style your plants and add a little life to your space especially your workspace.

8. Remember, Less is More

It is very natural for any home decor enthusiast to pile heaps of collectibles to decorate their homes. But I believe in the philosophy, less is more when it comes to Home Decor. It is always advised to keep a distance of at least 2 feet for passage in order to not make space looked jam packed and for easy movements.

10 Ways to Make your Home Look Pinterest Worthy
Less is More

9. Use Lightings to create ambience

Lighting is a very crucial while deciding the kind of ambience you want to create at your home. Depending upon the lighting you chose, you can instantly change the ambience of your space. Soft warm lighting tends to add warmth to a space while soft flickering light is excellent for a romantic dinner for two.

10 Ways to Make your Home Look Pinterest Worthy
Bamboo Lights from Ikea

10. Utilise Nooks

Use nooks and corners wisely especially if you have a smaller space. One great way of using nook is to create a reading nook. Add shelves, a nice comfortable chair with a side table and a lamp to cosy up your reading nook.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post. Please, remember to comment and share the post if it helped you. That would mean a lot to me.

10 Ways to Make your Home Look Pinterest Worthy
Reading Nook

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