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The Story

I moved to Mumbai in 2013 with my husband, completely unaware of the problems of living in small rented spaces in the city. Since, childhood I like to keep my own space neat, organised & personalised.

After seven years in the city, I’ve mastered this art of decorating small rented spaces and turning them into homes. Coupled with my degree in Interior Design, I help people turn their small houses into a cosy home that echoes their personality.

One thing unites all: the love to make your own space beautiful

I love DESIGN and I’m very passionate about CREATIVITY . I’m totally obsessed with the whole culture of Creativity. But to fulfil the dreams and to contribute, I need to act from state of abundance. It is because of this that I decided to live a more conscious life and share everything I learnt with you.

Career Start

After doing extremely well at academics, I was at a stage where I had to choose between  a Creative business and preparing for a safe 9 to 5 government job. But like always after a lot of deep thinking, I decided to choose my dreams  and thats I started studying design !

I provide


Easy Home Styling


Design based on personality


Problem solving concept


Wide range of concepts

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