Choosing Luxury Candles With Petricor Fragrances

Choosing Luxury Candles With Petricor Fragrances

The olfactory system or the sense of smell has the power to shape our moods, behaviour and even decisions. Certain Scents and Fragrances have the capacity to surround us, transport us to other places, to inspire us, relax us , make us happy, boost creativity or sometimes even irritate us and all simply because it alters our perception of a space. Home Fragrances have come a long way from incense, essential oils, fresh flowers, potpourri to room sprays, scented candles, reed diffusers and ultrasonic diffusers.  Today, candles have become  personal and an absolute accessory for a well done home  or well styled event  for they add not only scent but also colour, texture and ambiance to a space. 

What makes Candles luxurious and why one should invest in a luxurious candle?

Since, living a toxin free and healthy life is one of my priorities, I give most importance to going for Candles that are completely clean and safe. Not just for me, but for my loved ones as well as the environment. This is main reason for choosing Rewined Candles for the post. Rewined began with a discarded wine bottle and a vision. They sell high quality recycled wine bottle soy wax candles with scents that mimic the flavours and aromas found in wine varietals. Every single part of the process is done by hand from collecting the used bottles to wrapping the glass containers with hand pressed labels. (If you want to know the hazards of paraffin based candles, read a previous post).

Choosing Luxury Candles With Petricor Fragrances

Candles are classified as luxurious based on a few factors –

Burning time – the candles must have a clean and long lasting burn time. The Rewined Candles have a burn time of 80 hours.

Premium Ingredients – the fragrance must have premium quality ingredients with secret recipe and should  be hand poured with measured consistency. Some of the scents of Rewined Candles are – Champagne  which is a blend of white grapes, honey, fresh baked bread and light citrus. Sangria with  notes of ripe mandarin orange, juicy pineapple, lush cranberries and a dash of cinnamon and Vinho Verde with  refreshing notes of bright bergamot and earthy tarragon well balanced by floral tones of ylang ylang and tart mandarin orange,  (You can place orders or take a look at other scents here )

Wax & Wicks  –  the candles must be made of high quality wax and cotton wicks .The highly-fragrant and  luxurious soy wax of the ReWined Candle burns smoothly without producing black smoke or soot. The wicks are 100 percent cotton and burn 60-80 hours.

Choosing Luxury Candles With Petricor Fragrances

My experience with luxury candles has been amazing and personally,  I would rather invest in one good quality luxury candle than hoard  ordinary ones that lose their fragrance over time and leave behind soot, making the vessels look ugly. The proportions of the ingredients used in Rewined are just right to release the right aroma yet not strong enough to overpower everything else .The Sangria Candle, since it offers notes of ripe mandarin orange, juicy pineapple, lush cranberries and  cinnamon is best for summers especially for a small gatherings in your backyard or garden with music and friends. However , I prefer the Pinot Grigio over the Sangria as I love was the warm and  crisp notes. With a blend of sandalwood, wet stones held together by a strong citrus backbone, the fragrance is  subtle yet warming. It  is best for a calm relaxing evening when you decide to write, read or talk to someone special.

Depending on your personal preference you can opt for a fragrance that defines your personality. You can create seasonal ambiance without changing your wall colours or wall papers. On special occasions, these candle can add to the warmth and celebration. We often underestimate our sense of smell but we can have a wonderful experience and beautiful memories with a good quality candle .

Choosing Luxury Candles With Petricor Fragrances

How to Choose ?

  1. Opt for a natural wax candle with cotton wicks that is safe .
  2. Most candle smell different when lit, so if you are opting for a luxury candle, either test a sample or look for reviews before buying .
  3. Based on your taste,  personality or preference, decide the fragrance family – citrus, floral, gourmet etc.
  4. Mood should also be taken in account while choosing a candle. Fruity fragrance brightens up while citrusy fragrance freshens up. Candles should be chosen to add an ambiance-on holiday to add festive atmosphere, on date night to add romance, to add elegant scents for a dinner party and to calm, de stress and soothe after party.
  5. Season and Occasion also help to choose candle. For summers , fruit scents are best while for winter warming ones are comforting and cosy. Since, the sense of taste and smell are linked, go for hints of herbs like thyme, rosemary, sage for dinner parties.
  6. Space around the house also helps while choosing a good candle. For bedrooms, subtle fragrances are best. For instance, Vanilla or Rose, which is best for a feminine feel. Flickering warm candles add warmth to the atmosphere and hence are best for living and dining rooms. For Bathroom, decorative as well as fresh scents should be taken into account. For instance – Citronella or lemon  .
Choosing Luxury Candles With Petricor Fragrances

Care & Precautions

Every candle has a minimum number for hours before the top surface wax completely melts into a liquid form. This prevents the hollow created by the wax around the wicks. Trimming the wick to at least a millimetre will prevent blackening of the glass. Some candles come with a lid to cover when not lit to keep away dirt. Try not to move candles when lit to avoid spilling on the vessels.  Also, candles should not be left unattended for long hours and monitoring the wicks from time time will ensure that the candles are well lit. With children and pets around, proper installation should be paid attention to keep burning hazards at bay.

Petricor Fragrances 

Petricor Fragrances is  bringing to India,  some of the most luxurious brands and fragrances from around the world, from countries like France, U.K and Thailand. Petricor offers the highest quality handpicked home fragrance diffusers from across the globe. Countless hours have been spent in understanding the supplier’s work ethics and manufacturing processes  ensuring that only the finest and the rarest raw materials in the world are used to please the most discerning quality seekers. Candle lovers and interior decor enthusiasts can now have access to some of the world’s best fragrances including brands like Heyland & Whittle, ReWined, Produce and Lullie Wallace delivered to their door steps. Petricor Fragrances is  also offering their reed diffusers in three fragrances, hand-made in France and England by perfumers who are dedicated to the alchemy of artistic perfumery and styled in the most elaborate and fashionable vessels.

Choosing Luxury Candles With Petricor Fragrances

Where to Buy ?

Rewined Candles

Weight : 310g

Burn Time : 80hrs

Price :₹ 3,500.00

To place orders or see the collection , visit Petricor Fragrances.

All the products are 100 % natural and are free from alcohol , synthetics , petrochemicals and artificial fragrances .

*All Images Via Petricor Fragrances. 

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