Dreamcatchers with Soul Works

Dreamcatchers with Soul Works

Dreamcatchers have been a hot favourite with everyone for the past couple of years, especially the ones inclined towards being ‘free – spirited‘. However, the dream catcher originated in the Ojibwa Nation, but were later adopted by the Lakota and other American Indian tribes. There are many interpretations to the dream catcher legend, some of which say both the good and bad dreams are captured and some which say the good dreams slide down the feather to those sleeping below. Although, there are many varieties of dreamcatchers available both online as well as offline, the quality and the designs  differ from one brand to another. After having tried a couple of them myself, I finally got hold of a Soul Works Dream catcher .

Dreamcatchers with Soul Works

Soul Works

From a beautiful cosy studio in Bandra, artists and crafters craft the finest dream catchers in Mumbai handcrafted locally available at the store. Also available are tiny temples with Ganesha and Buddha decor for homes and offices. Soul Works is a brand established by Karima Dawoodani, a medium and artist for the love of divinity and art with the core belief that art can heal, transform and uplift the energy of a space . At Soul Works, dreamcatchers are made of embroidery threads, wool, feathers, beads and metal rings. There are even non-feather vegan dream catchers that use lace. At Soul Works,  you can find two completely unique home decor products. One being the Dreamcatchers and the other being tiny temples. I had a chance to visit her store and could not contain my excitement 

Karima Dawoodani used to work as an art director for 3 years until she gave it all up to find her calling. She has been a professional Tarot card reader for over 9 years now. Soul Works today is a team of 9 women who painstakingly craft each piece with sheer love. Working with a  group of local  women, Karima is providing employment to them for  stringing together these colourful beads and feathers.

Prices start at Rs 300 for the  smallest dream catcher which is the car hanging. Others include  earrings, necklaces, and much larger, intricate ones ideal for home decor. They also offer  customisations of  the dreamcatchers by changing the feathers according to the colours you prefer.

How to Buy ?

To take a look at their collection visit Soul Works .You can place orders on – 098194 57887 or email – healingpyramid.karima@gmail.com.

The Soul Works Store –14, Tertulian Road, Mount Mary,Bandra West, Mumbai

Open from Monday to Saturday – 10:30 AM to 6PM.

Go catch a few good dreams tonight !

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