Vintage Furniture in Mumbai

Vintage Furniture in Mumbai

5 Awesome and Low Budget Ways to Buying Vintage Furniture and Household Items in Mumbai

It is incredible how certain odours and textures can bring back old forgotten memories in an instant. The smell of wood, fizzing noise of an old radio or the dialling sound of an old rotary telephone can spurt bygone stories and be a topic of great discussions. While walking the Old Furniture Market at Oshiwara, I got reminded of one such memory. It was my grandmother’s Victorian Styled Dressing Table that I’d always request her to pass to me as a hand me down. I’m not sentimentally attached to items but the furniture market just brought back a gush of beautiful memories of all the items I saw while growing up. I could not contain the excitement of everything I learnt from the art collector and decided to share my experiences by showing you 5 Awesome and Low Budget Ways to Buying Vintage Furniture and Household Items in Mumbai .

Where to Buy ?

You can find a wide variety of vintage furniture, antiques and other artefacts in the Old Furniture Market Oshiwara, S. V . Road, Jogeshwari (West). I have been visiting the market for many years now and have my favourites that I would like to share so that you can save some time and also avoid the confusion .

1 ) Gramin Arts

Vintage Furniture in Mumbai
Gramin Arts

Ideal for – Old Paintings, Photographs, lithos, Maps, Ravi Verma Prints,Wooden Artefacts & More. 

If you have a keen eye for details or are very particular when it comes to decor, you may have just discovered the perfect amalgamation of  art, culture, history and collectibles. I visited the store a week back and fell in love with the jharokha mirrors. After thinking over it for a few days, I went back to finally pick up the mirrors. If you are lucky you may meet the artist himself,  Bhupendra Sharma, who has collected each item carefully and attentively for art lovers so they could take home something that they can cherish forever. Mr. Sharma has been in the profession for over 40 years and has many of Bollywoods popular names on his client’s list. One reason of loving the store is the neat arrangement and categorisation of each item. It helps to cut out the confusion and also lift the items with ease (I’m clumsy and have to be cautious at a store that is filled with dainty antiques :P). Everything is lined up in an orderly manner and you would not find a single speck of dust on any of the collectibles. (Talks heaps about how much an artist loves his art form and how much respect he pays to it) Talking to him and learning about the stories behind the collectibles was a pure delight. Also, don’t miss the 1950’s Philips Radio that Sharma Ji Listens to while he is at his museum. Here are some snaps from Gramin Arts –

Old Posters with wooden Frames
Vintage Wall Clocks
The 1950’s Philips radio Sharma Ji Listens to while he is at the Museum .
Reverse Glass painting
Sculptures and Collectibles
Gramin Arts Store
Sharma Ji while he zealously explains about these Silver Glasses from Bidar. The Glasses have Quran Ayats engraved on them and were used to feed patients with their medications .

Address –

Gramin Arts

Shop no . 7 , Ram Janak Singh Compound , Oshiwara ,

Old Furniture Market, S.V . Road, Jogeshwari 9 West

Mumbai – 400102.

Email –, Shop – +91 2226796113.

2 . The Old Time

The Old Time

If you follow me on Instagram (the id  alishakaisar ) you may have noticed my weakness for typewriters, rotary phones, lanterns etc. I get all of these items only from this particular store. The reason being the owner’s  knack for antiques and details. Arif Zariwalla has been in the business for over 30 years. If you have enough time, you should scan through the shop yourself and you may surprisingly find precious treasures yourself . Quick tip : if you absolutely love something at this place, get it immediately because it would be almost impossible to find it again. Two of my biggest regrets – I did not get the peach rotary phone and peach Triumph type writer when it had just come at the store😖. The next day when I’d gone to pick it up it was gone forever. If you are in a hurry, don’t waste any time going to other similar shops as I guarantee you won’t find anything better anywhere else.

Ideal For – Typewriters, Phones, Lamps and More. 

Rotary Telephone

The Old Time

Address –

Shop No . 4, Ramjanak Singh Compound, Opp. Cafe Gulshan Hotel

S. V . Road, Oshiwara, Jogeshwari  ( W )

Mumbai – 400102.

Ph no – +919819044708

3 . Saba Curios

When it comes to Home decor, everything is about the tiny details that add a dash of personality to your home and ultimately makes it all the more  appealing. If you like adding a personal touch to your home, look no further.

Saba Curious

Ideal For – Both Antiques and new items – Door Knobs, wall tiles, lightings, wall hangings and more. 

Door Handles
Plates for Wall Decor
Magnifying Glass

Saba Curios 

Address –

Shop No – 10.B, Ramjanak Singh Compound, Opp. Sadhana Soap Factory ,

S. V . Road, Oshiwara, Jogeshwari, (W) ,

Mumbai – 400102.

Ph no – +919768866431.

4 ) Old is Gold 

There are several shops for old furnitures but this is the best when it comes to design and finish. I love the craftsmanship, the finesse and the style. Stay tuned to take a look at what I picked up from their store.

Vintage furniture
Single Bed
Old Wooden Furniture

5 Tips to Consider before Making a Purchase –

1 . Check the products – before making a purchase, physically examine the products for any damages. Give it a jolt, feel the texture and most importantly check for bugs, mites and other pests.  In case of furniture, sit to check if you find it comfortable.

2 . Quality , Authenticity and Detailing – if you are looking for antiques, talk to the stall other for all details and check the quality. For objects that are intricately designed and are made of high quality raw materials, prices are likely to be high .

3 . Reconsider making few visits – if you are absolutely sure of what you are looking for then you can save time by asking the storeowner for the exact item. If you are unsure or are in a bit of a dilemma, take a few rounds and if you still want to buy it, do go back and check once gain. Given to the amount of items and the number of shops, things do get confusing, that is why I chose the best shops for you .

4 . Go prepared – if you have dust allergy, go prepared. Also , do not forget to carry your water, umbrella and tissues  for it gets really hot during the day. It is advisable to go during the day as you can examine the items better in natural light.

5. Costs – Before purchasing an item, do make sure to calculate the total cost that would be required in case you want to add something extra to the furniture piece or incase you re-furbish the items from scratch. I do not bargain much with the shops owners as the prices are good enough compared to what we buy online for something that is not even made of wood. Also, these businesses keep the art of carpentry alive and give employment to many .

How Buying old furniture is eco-friendly and cost saving ?

Buying old furniture is definitely eco friendly and also cost saving. The most important reason being recycling of old products. In case of old wooden furniture, it is a great option as wood is  bio degradable, non toxic and naturally occurring. While re-furbishing old pieces, opting for chalk paint is the best option . You can pick up old doors and windows and turn them into new trendy furniture pieces without burning a hole in your pocket and without any wastage.

I bought myself two jharokha mirrors, one in red and the other in blue . Stay tuned on Instagram  to see how I incorporate them according to my style and taste.

Do let me know what  you to pick up from the market , I’m very exited to know .

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